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AR4400 (2 oz) - Gun Lubrication & Protection (LP)

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AR4400 LP Firearms Oil lubricates and protects against wear and corrosion.

AR4400 LP is formulated with nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which has been selected for its ability to bond with metal alloys to create a friction reducing dry solid boundary lubricating film. WS2 has an extremely low coefficient of friction (.03 dynamic and .07 static) and boasts a load carrying ability of 300,000+ psi effective from -450°F to over 1200°F. AR4200’s solid boundary lubricating film prevents wear and will repel carbon, copper and lead deposits preventing jamming and allowing for fast easy and significantly less frequent cleaning. The resulting surface composition will also repel moisture and contains an anti-oxidant to prevent corrosion in the most extreme environments.

AR4400 LP emits no odor and has a light viscosity. Our WS2 is manufactured in the USA and will endure the most extreme environments. AR4400 LP is not a firearms cleaner. Use AR4200 CLP for firearm cleaning.


  • Lubricates and protects against wear with nano WS2
  • Nano WS2 forms an immediate bond, no curing required
  • Faster action
  • Forms a hard, dry extremely low friction surface
  • Prevents galling and jamming
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Lasting corrosion protection
  • Repels carbon, lead and copper deposits
  • No odor


  • 2oz with applicator tip
  • Larger packaging is available directly from Archoil for Gunsmiths and OEM customers.


Apply to a clean firearm

Step 1

Saturate a cotton patch or mop with a few drops of AR4400 and pass through barrel 15-20 times. Use long slow passes ensuring you get complete coverage from muzzle to crown.

Step 2

After applying AR4400 let sit for 10 minutes or more then wipe dry. No need to neutralize since AR4400 does not contain ammonia. No need to cure with heat.

Step 3

Apply to trigger to maintain smooth and even trigger pull. Allow AR4400 to remain wet on the firearm for optimal corrosion protection during storage.

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