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AR6400-D (16 oz) - Professional Diesel Fuel System and Engine Cleaner (Treats 25 gallons of diesel)

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AR6400-D Professional Concentrate For Diesel and Biofuel Blended Diesel

AR6400-D (16 oz) treats 25 gallons of diesel

AR6400-D is not a standard fuel system and engine cleaner. AR6400-D has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of modern diesel vehicles by removing particulate matter (soot) buildup from post combustion systems. Use AR6400-D to help remedy blocked DPFs, dirty EGR systems and stuck wastegates and variable turbochargers, all of which cause drivability issues.

AR6400-D’s detergents remove deposits in the fuel system, on injectors and in the combustion chamber helping restore power and fuel efficiency. AR6400-D also boosts cetane.

Use AR6400-D every 5,000 miles or as required. For best results between treatments use AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex at every fill-up. Long term use of AR6200 should eliminate the need for AR6400-D.

AR6400-D Fuel System Cleaner is NOT the appropriate product to remedy PowerStroke (HEUI) injector issues. Instead, please use Archoil AR9100 to eliminate PowerStroke 6.0 & 7.3 (HEUI) injector problems.


  • Reduces particulate matter in the DPF/EGR/Turbocharger
  • Improves DPF regeneration efficiency
  • Cleans fuel system and injectors
  • Reduces combustion chamber deposits
  • Boosts cetane
  • Helps increase power and fuel efficiency


Treat rate 1:200 (16oz bottle in 25 gallons of diesel.)

One 16oz bottle will treat up to 25 gallons of diesel. Pour the entire contents of the bottle into a nearly empty tank and refuel with up to 25 gallons of diesel. For best results do not fill the tank over 25 gallons regardless of its capacity.

Use every 5000 miles or use once and follow up regularly with Archoil AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex at every refill.


  • 16oz bottle

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