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AR8300 (14 oz Tube) - Severe Duty Nanoceramic Grease

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AR8300 Complex Nanoceramic Restorative Technology

AR8300 Severe Duty Synthetic Grease incorporates a complex of nanoceramic elements that took ten years to develop. The nanoceramic elements are suspended in a high grade PAO biodegradable non-toxic base stock and thickened with fumed silica.

AR8300's ceramics form a solid boundary layer that has been tested to be harder than its host alloy in many cases with an extremely low coefficient of friction (.003 CoF @ 14.40 MPa). The ceramic complex withstands extreme temperatures, while dramatically reducing wear and corrosion. AR8300 protects against hydrogen embrittlement and demonstrates an exceptional water washout rate (0.50%).

AR8300 is suitable for many high performance/severe duty applications and is recommended for OEM suppliers who would like to ensure resilience of parts under warranty.


  • Dramatically reduces friction and wear
  • Improves hardness of host metals in many cases
  • Fills in surface asperities
  • Extreme pressure protection
  • Extends the life of components
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Significantly increases greasing intervals
  • Reduces heat generation
  • The ceramic elements withstand extreme temperatures
  • Low water washout rate at 0.50%
  • Very high dropping point (>550F) Freezing point (-105F)


Comparing a low viscosity lubricant without and with nanoceramic compound:

  • Decrease of COF from 0.014 to 0.003 (4.5 times)
  • Increase in the linear dimensions of parts (weight gain roller test rig at 0.03 grams)
  • Reduction of linear wear from lh=6.3x10 -8 = 2.3x10 -8 (3 times)
  • Increase in ritical loads from pcr=7.35 MPa to pcr 14.40 MPa (2 times)


    Applications include heavy equipment, mining equipment, industrial, railroad, marine, racing, heavy load bearings, firearms, extreme environments etc.

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