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What People Are Saying About ARCHOIL AR9100

"It now has power and does not chug or hesitate...smooth take offs from a stop sign."


OMG, I can't believe this! Here's my story. I would first like to preface this by saying that in my opinion most "testimonials" are bullshit or they are not fully disclosing all the facts. I have had a stiction problem with my 04' E350 van (148K) for over a year now. My son did some research and found the Hot Shots stuff at our local Ford dealer. So $50.00 for a half gallon with only minimal results.

It seemed to run a little better, it didn't get worse for that matter. The next oil change I added nothing, another $50 for minimal results wasn't worth it. Since then the condition got worse and worse. After starting, it would chug and smoke horribly for about 10 minutes until it warmed up. It was truly embarrassing belching all the blue smoke and chugging thru town.... the mosquitoes didn't like it.

My son said to check out the Rev-X stuff. I Googled them and saw a link to "enginestiction" which as you know goes to your site. I read thru the site and also looked at some of the postings on the powerstroke and diesel forums on your product. I thought it’s cheaper than the Hot Shots and the Rev-X and the comments on the forums are not paid endorsement, so what the hell, only $36.

Last night I poured in the 16 oz bottle to a warm engine (5 min run from work to home) that was running ok, smoking a little and hesitating too. Starting the engine it seemed to quiet down within 5 to 10 seconds. I let it idle for about 10 minutes and then took it for a ride. There were only a few puffs of smoke and less hesitation. I should have videoed it before I added it.

This morning was the true test of any change with a cold engine. It started a little easier than normal and I let it warm up for about 3 to 4 minutes. On the way into work it did not hesitate and only had a very small amount of smoke come out. After it warmed up it started running almost like it did 4 years ago with 100k when I bought it.

It now has power and does not chug or hesitate... smooth take offs from a stop sign.

I was seriously considering doing a $1000/ 8 hour injector replacement before I put the Archoil in.

I am hoping that it will get better with time and more miles on it.

I am sold...... so far.... I am still a skeptic.

I will keep you posted if that's ok.





"Just wanted to say I am very pleased with your products in my 6.0 Powerstroke."

"I ordered the AR9100 friction modifier and a sample AR6200 fuel treatment came with it. After trying the AR6200 I am hooked and my stiction issue is GONE! I will be using your products from now on. Thanks so much.

I had very high oil pressure when it was cold at idle 100 psi at 1500 rpm and 75 at 750 rpm at idle, this was causing an oil leak at the oil cooler seal. Since I added the ar9100 it no longer leaks!"

Jamie James


"Sir, your product worked! I had a mechanic swearing I needed injectors. I love showing those guys something new!"

"The Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel has a oil issue (stiction) that causes terrible start ups;  missing, stumbling, smoke only to go away after warm up. These were all issues my truck had ('04 Excursion 112500 miles).

It now starts ( 38` ) with a little hiccup and its smooth running. I am happy!

My other truck; 99 F350  7.3 diesel  420,200 miles I just changed the oil, Valvoline / Cumin's blue and added AR9100 to the oil, AR6100 to the fuel.  After driving 400 highway miles, I've seen a 1mpg increase on a route I frequently drive. The engine seems to run smoother. Another happy customer!"

Dan Edwards


Dear EverGreen America,

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered some more AR9100 from you website. After my first use of it, by the time I put 45 miles on the odometer my engine was firing almost instantly after cranking. 




Hi David,

Some more feedback for you. 

Changed oil and fuel filters + added 17-18Oz of AR9100 to the 6.0PSD. I did not expect any change as the directly noticeable cold-start injector stiction issue has gone away with warmer weather. But it feels like a complete new engine now, so I guess those injectors where not behaving correctly all together (much more power than earlier).
I speculated if this could have been caused by a clogged fuel filter, it was fairly dirty. But I did not see any of the typical clogged fuel filter symptoms before I changed it so I doubt it.

So I suspect the AR9100 actually did give me 50+ HP back on this engine."



"We’ve been using the AR9100 now in 3 6.0’s for approximately 95,000 miles combined. While the mileage increase can be minimal depending on loading, the improved overall operation is noticeable. All units are using Valvoline Prem Blue 5w-40 Syn.

On 03-17, we performed a complete inspection on unit #3, including removing one injector from each bank (7 & 8). Each injector was completely disassembled and checked with no adverse conditions noted. The drivers all commented on the changes, especially with regard to cold starts. 

As most already know, the VT-365 platform is utilizing engine oil in a hydraulic application with operating pressures normally at 4,000psi. Modern engine lubricates were not designed to operate in this condition or be subjected to minute orifices like those found in the 6.0 injectors. The shearing effects of the HPOP are also extremely difficult on engines lubricants. While the AR9100 does improve lubricity and minimize friction, it is unlikely to improve oil change intervals beyond the established 5000 mile limits. We have confirmed the cleansing capability of AR9100 and will continue to closely follow the inspections.

Lots of great info Harry!"



"Morning David,

I had tried the sample you gave me of AR6200 and I am very impressed with the results.  I was so impressed that I just ordered a 16 oz bottle of AR6200.  

Happy Thanksgiving!"

Jerry Scucci 


"I got my shipment of both the Archoil fuel additive and the friction modifier in a few weeks ago.

The mornings here in northwest Florida are a consistent temperature and I used sound meter to measure the trucks sound level at startup it was 74db. I then filled up the tank later that day and added the fuel additive and the next morning the temperature which was 4 degrees cooler I measured the sound again and the level was 68db.

The following week I changed the oil using Rotella triple action and added the friction modifier along with an oil bypass filter system. Ran the truck around all day. The following day measured the sound level (temperature was the same as the last reading) it was 64db.

Overall, I have notice that the morning drivability is much smoother and the engine noise level at highway speeds is very quiet compared to what it was. I will definitely be using these products in the future."




"Hi Michael and members,

It's been awhile since I have posted on here, nice changes to the site, it looks very good.

Anyhow, I thought I would share my experience with this product,

in a nutshell, it will make any truck run like the best tank of fuel you have ever run. I came across this product by accident, and its formulation is really nothing new, but requires very little to produce big results. It basically brings our low quality ulsd fuel up to spec. I came across it when ordering some AR9100 friction modifier from this company, they sent me some samples of the AR6200, and after adding 1oz to my tank, the difference in low end performance and the way the truck ran was literally mind blowing. Another positive effect is the way it runs when cold starting, it will start and run like it's already warmed up.

I am not alone in these results, as I ended up giving samples to neighbors and coworkers with Cummins/Dmax's/Powerstrokes, the results were the same across the board, all wanted more. Once in the trucks system, you really only need no more than an 1/2 ounce to treat a than full, and it can be used with 2cycle or other additives. Nothing I have ever ran in my 03' 6L Powerstroke has made it run like this stuff does, it really does work that well.

It makes one realize how low quality our fuel is today, this product is very addicting."






I bought a gallon of your Archoil because I already believed in the science.  My first chance to use it was a bit less scientific, I opened up the hood of the truck and found a funnel and added some Archoil.  The truck has maybe 110K on it, a Ford Ranger with a 5-speed stick.

Immediately it was more silent and smooth, and when I got out on the highway the tach was showing lower than usual, and I didn't hear much of that drone I used to hear.

To me the Archoil has had a big impact."





"I'm happy with the results in Powerstroke. Fuel economy and throttle response have noticeably improved. Thanks!" - John



"Did an oil change with my usual oil, added the 16oz of AR9100 and the recommended initial dose of the fuel additive yesterday and fired up the engine. I didn't notice any difference on initial start up but figured the additive would need to run through the engine a while to work.

I drove 100 miles round trip this morning and came home and parked. Started up the engine a bit ago (its cold here today in MN) to run some errands and the normal cold start misfiring, rough running, and obnoxiously LOUD idle were all gone.

It’s like a new engine. It almost sounds like a cheesy infomercial but it's true, honestly incredible.

Thank you for your great product and look for many future orders from me.






"Hello David,

Per your earlier e mail I have added 5oz of the AR 9100 to my transmission. I have ordered another 8 oz so I can add 16 to 17 oz to my powestroke oil change. The transmission seems to shift smoother and the shudder has almost gone.

It has been 15 degrees here and the additive has only been in trans for two days. Thank you"

John M Traficano - Illinois 



"Dear David,

I just got back to town, I left Phoenix and topped off my 2006 F250 4x4 6.0 Diesel in Flagstaff AZ. I filled it up into the filler neck. I drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back to Flagstaff. Hand calculated mileage of 18.19 MPG, that is the best my truck has ever done. I should also say that my truck has been tuned by this guy Matt. It’s his SRL+ tune. I used the AR9100 and AR6200.

I put a quarter oz of AR6200 in my sisters Toyota as well, She was also impressed. My Uncle wants to try it in his Subaru now. 

Thanks once again!"

Michael Holland - Phoenix AZ



"I have a little story about my truck,it has what they called a lazy injector and that it wouldn't oil rite and needed replacing, said nothing would fix it and when i was tired of it i would pay him the 600 dollars and get it done.

After adding archoil to the first tank of diesel that went though the truck i noticed a little difference in the milage and it started running better, starting easier and then  i had changed the oil and and added the package for  the 250 ford like you said,to every place i could transmission , rear end, differential , front transfer case, even the power steering oil.

I could tell the truck was smoother running and just had that different feel. like it was having a easier time shifting , starting, running , just smoother all around,

Then yesterday i went into Dallas. i filled up again and added the fuel treatment again to the diesel. 
This is the kicker, the mileage increased with the first tank about 1.5 to 2  miles per gal . the second tank  it went to humming, the mileage slowly went up to 15 then eased up to 17 on the way to Dallas.Same on way home, thats from 12.5 to 13 mpg increasing to 16 mpg adv. thats impressive.
The difference in the pep was amazing, it felt like a different truck, i am hoping it keeps this up i would like to repeat the last order you sent me and double the fuel additive so i can use it in my wife's car.

Thanks! I am amazed at how much difference my truck is running. This is good David."


George Swift - Technician for Jay Leno's Garage

George Swift, Lead Mechanic for Jay Leno's Garage

Since I met Tim Stegenga who represents the ARCHOIL product line,  I have shared his passion for the technology that he in the midst of. He has been very generous to share his "technologically advanced additives" with me to test on my current projects.

A lot has changed...The independent Volvo repair shop closed. Now I work at Jay Leno's Garage, and have the opportunity to see results over a wide range of vehicles. Most currently, Jay's (previously Howard Hughes') Doble E20 Steam car...Read the entire article.

View George's Facebook Page.

Kotug International After 7 Months of using AR9100

Kotug uses ARCHOIL AR9100 in the Rolls Royce Thrusters
The project at Kotug Internationall on SD Jacoba is supervised by Jan Groeneweg, technical superintendent and Koos Smoor, group technical manager. The SD Jacoba is a 4000 HP twin Azimuth stern drive tugboat. The sailing area covers North Atlantic, North Sea, South Atlantic.

“After removal of previously used oil, paint and sludge on the faces of the gearteeth and housing, rails we replaced the wasted-oil with Shell Omala 68 blended 1:10 with Archoil AR9100. We monitored the oil condition since. After 7 months we see that the Archoil AR9100 has lowered the base-line temperatures of the thrusters by more than 10° C.  Furthermore we can clearly see that the forming of Fe PPM in the oil is minimal since AR9100 is deployed, a drop from 457 mg/kg to 111 mg/kg. The other values, like Sn and Cu stay low, TAN value does not rise.” In the nearby future Rolls Royce and Kotug will open up the entire thruster and get an exact view of the impact of AR9100.

“For sure we are going to use AR9100 again. It saves us a lot of draining and a lot of rebuilding. Both Shell Omala and the thrusters themself remain in very good condition. We were a little cautious as we have the clutch operating in the same oil, but, although the characteristics changed when engaging, the clutch remained firm, operates very well and is actually not wearing out anymore. The drop in operating temperatures makes that we are much more confident now everything gets lubricated better inside the thrusters. It saves a lot of work, care and worries for both sides, not to mention the financial impact of docking and down-time of the vessel", so is the comment of both mr. Groeneweg and mr. Smoor.

"Overall, our findings so far have been very positive. The results relating to lubrication, corrosion and stability in all weathers, climates and situations are all reasons to continue use of Archoil AR9100 nanoborate friction modifier. I guess you can say that nanoborate cannot be compared to conventional greasing. The big test will be when we are assessing the various components for wear this September. Furthermore, we are going to assess the possibilities of extending our oil-drain intervals for our engines and thrusters using Archoil AR9100."

Nanoborate Extreme Heat Lubricant OK for 6 Months at +800°C / 1470°F

Providing adequate lubrication for equipment that is hard to reach ánd that operates in temperatures exceeding 200 º C. A general problem around chains, in production halls (coating), at steel plants, in foundries, in engines / turbines, fluid systems and the use of tools in open fire. Nano-specialist BLP International from Hillegom NL shows that the problem can be succesfully tackled using Archoil Nanoborate applications. 

Abeko from Beverwijk NL deploys heavy machinery in extreme circumstances and makes good use of the heat resistance of BLP`s Nanoborate applications. Machines operate at ambient temperatures regularly exceeding 800 º C, up to 1100 º C, every day. `All lubricants fume away fast so all moving parts quickly become non-lubricated. Because of the heat metal parts wear down even faster`, describes BLP Internationals` Rob van Hoorn the situation. `Abeko applies greases based on Nanoborate technique. A chelate surface layer prevents metal-to-metal contact without the high temperatures affecting it.`

Boron in liquid form creates a chelate surface layer that is anti-corrosive and extreme pressure and -wear resistant. It provides a friction coefficient of 0.037 to 0.01 (compared to mechanically bonded waxed skis on snow 0.051, Teflon on Teflon 0.04). Because the resulting layer does not build up, but alters microns of metal on molecular level, tolerances remain intact. Nanoborate is resistant to temperatures above 1800 ° C. By applying the formulations in carriers like greases, oils, paints and fluids Boron can be brought to the metal that is to be treated. Obviously, during newbuild or construction the metal can be directly treated with the Nanoborate process.

Paul Verdegaal is location manager at Abeko: `It is good to experience that the Nanoborate theory proves to work very well in every day practice. We always had to overhaul after 10 up to 15 weeks, but now equipment enters its 7th month. Where it stops we do not know. A disassembled boom showed that the pins and bushes were still perfectly usable. It saves us time and overhaul costs.

Nanoborate Application Prevents Thermic Oil from Clogging in Pipe System

Archoil Nanoborate Fluid Presents Solution to the Clogging of Piping Systems Used for Thermic Oils and Heat Transfer Fluids
To date, carbon deposition on the inside of the pipes cause unplanned production stops, bringing high and immediate costs. A solution was created by blending a nanoborate formulation in an ester matrix. Result: a treatment that removes existing carbon formations, prevents against carbonizing and inhibits carbon build-up. Tests and projects show that the application’s results last, between 3 to 4 years, before draining is needed.

Wouter Verschuren, operations manager at BLP International explains: "The problem of carbon deposition is not new. Often the solution is aimed at preventing build-up by keeping carbonization in suspension. That surely slows the process, but at the expense of the flash point and auto-ignition point of the fluid. This is undesirable and can also be dangerous. Because stops cost fortunes and often whole pipe sections must be cut away meaning long downtime, we allied with our manufacturer of boron-based applications and two of our customers and started engineering. We developed a solution suitable for sale. A number of factories and owners started using it some time ago and are pleased with the features, performance and usability of this solution."

Nanoborate applications have three main features: anti-corrosiveness, wear resistance and an extremely low friction coefficient. Because Nanoborate develops a chelate bonding with the metal surface, it remains in place for a long period of time. The extremely low coefficient of friction prevents the carbon particles from forming and building up inside and make them end up where they belong: in the filters. The chelate bonding slowly dissolves deposits on the insides of the piping system. The ester matrix is responsible for polarization, film formation and impregnation.

Archoil AR 2100 and the Archoil AR2100F Thermic Fluid Treatments have a flashpoint of 215 ° C and an auto-ignition point of 399 º C. The applications can be added to existing fluids with a ratio of 1:12 to 1:20 and are also available as pre-mix.

George Swift - Technician for Jay Leno's Garage

George Swift, Lead Mechanic for Jay Leno's Garage

Just a Note to Let You Know About Another Positive Experience with Archoil
My motorhome has an Onan 6.5 Kw generator. It is propane powered and air cooled. Since I have owned my rig, I have always looked for campgrounds with hook-ups to avoid using the generator. It has had a knock in one cylinder of the engine that sounded like sounded like a piston was hitting the head. I suspected that it either had a cracked piston or possible a loose wrist pin. Short of rebuilding the engine, I decided to give it every chance before tearing it apart.

After an oil change to my favorite oil, the knock was still there, but slightly quieter. After adding Archoil, guess what? THE NOISE IS GONE. I mean GONE. The generator starts easier, runs smoother and is much quieter and I am very HAPPY.

You can take your best guess as to what the noise was... At this point it doesn't matter to me. I know I have a happy generator engine, and I know Archoil made it happen. Everything I own is insured, but if I have an engine failure, there's no coverage...Until now. Archoil.

View George's Facebook Page.

BLP Extends Lubrication Interval Hyster Container Handlers

Boron Lubrication Products from Hillegom and Barloworld Intern Transport Vianen concluded a maintenance project performed on the Hyster container handlers in use at the Bossche Container Terminal. The intended goals, significantly longer lubrication intervals, reduced wear and clean look and feel, were achieved and got good grades. Using Boron Nanotechnology in fats and lubricants all criteria were met or exceeded.

"We wanted to extend lubrication intervals by factor 2. The masts and spreaders have been treated with lubricants that have a nanoborate formulation. The lifting chains were treated with a so-called dry-film lubricant spray that also is based on nanoborate particles formulation. By applying dry lubricant the metal surface remains "dry" which prevents splashing and dirt build-up no longer occurs, "reads the explanation of BLP"s Rob van Hoorn. That this has worked out well is endorsed by the Technical Specialist of Barloworld who confirmed that the lubrication interval is shifted from 1 time per month to three times a year. The life-expectation of the lift chains is also significantly increased by approximately 1000 hours. The project shows a TCO improvement of 44% annually.

The element Boron has been known for its lubricating and anticorrosive properties. The main difference from the current generation of lubricants is that nanoborate chemical formulations form a chemical or chelate bond with the metal surface. It remains right where it is applied and cannot be washed away. This surface lubrication reduces Co-efficient Of Friction (COF) of the surface. Tests have shown co-efficient levels below 0,038. Nanoborate chemical formulations form a chemical or chelate bond with the metal surface that can be used as dry lubrication, heat lubrication, extreme pressure lubrication or wash-out proof solid lubrication, including an anti-corrosive coating.

For more information about the above stated project and / or nanoborate lubrication, coating or filtering please call 0252-746011 and ask for Rob van Hoorn.
You can also visit BLP at: or email:

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