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Archoil Powerstroke Problems

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What Do I Need?

AR9100 Friction Modifier and AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex

First time buyers:

  • About 95% start with the PS-1/AR-1 kit which contains a 16oz bottle of the AR9100 and an 8oz bottle of the AR6200.
  • These kits are found under CAR/SUV OR POWESTROKE section in the shopping cart.
  • AR9100 is added to the engine at 1.2 oz per quart of oil.
  • For the average vehicle which holds 5 quarts you would add 6oz.
  • You can add 1oz in the power steering.
  • For automatic transmissions you can add 3oz per gallon.
  • Manual transmissions add 3.2oz per quart.
  • For slip differentials add 1oz per quart.
  • AR9100 will not deplete and will allow you to extend your oil drains if you desire.
  • Best to add at the oil drain yet not required.
  • For Powerstroke engines which hold an average of 15 quarts of oil add 16oz to the engine.

AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex

  • AR6200 is highly concentrated.
  • 1oz will treat 80 gallons so the 8oz bottle will treat 640 gallons of fuel.
  • The bottle has a pre-measure chamber and very simple to use.
  • Use in any carbon based fuel such as diesel, gasoline, 2cycle etc.

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